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Intensive programmes, specifically designed to suit you.

This programme offers the fantastic opportunity to be immersed in a deeper conversation about our ever-present resilience and clarity.

Exploring ideas on a two-day intensive p

Whilst we keep this relaxed and informal to ensure the best learning environment for the client, we dive deeper into the conversation to explore the challenges and opportunities which show themselves.


To sustain the learning and to ensure you remain in the conversation, there will be at least two follow up online calls where we continue to explore how this has impacted on your work and personal life.

Programmes consists of:

 A pre-intensive introduction call


 1 or 2 days of one-to-one time


 At least two online coaching sessions lasting up to 80 minutes

 Course notes

 Email and phone contact during the programme period

Participants on an intensive programme have an excellent opportunity of valuable time to see for themselves how their habitual thinking may be keeping them playing small within their lives. Taking one or two days away from work, or in the school holidays, enables the opportunity for time out, for pressures to drop away and to be able to really understand how we are experiencing our lives and what this means to reach our true potential.


Outcomes from a one-or two-day intensive programme provide clarity within relationships, friendships, at school, at work and an ability to see through the stressful thinking.

If you would like more information about the programme or would like to book a consultation please contact me.

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