Everyone is doing the best they can given the thinking they have that looks real to them

Syd Banks

Launching the Precarious Parenting podcast series

In this series, Marie chats with real people discussing their stories, where they explain with honesty and clarity how they saw through their precarious times.

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Do you have a story?


Contact me here and let’s share it together. We’ll do it in a safe and relaxed way. You could even remain anonymous - the choice is yours.

Podcast 1


Claire & Barney: A mother and son talk about the effect of suicide on the family. 

Claire & BarneyMarie Arymar
00:00 / 31:23

Podcast 2


Aku: Hopes and aspirations of raising a mixed race child in Devon, UK

AkuMarie Arymar
00:00 / 29:31

Podcast 3


Paula: Wanting to be the best teacher for my children during lockdown

PaulaMarie Arymar
00:00 / 26:47

Podcast 4


Becky: Coping with a son who has ADHD

BeckyMarie Arymar
00:00 / 29:29

Podcast 5


Cassie: A young woman’s story of being fostered, raped and pregnant

CassieMarie Arymar
00:00 / 26:45

Special thanks to Becky Whitcroft, Sound Engineer/Voiceover, for her support with the Precarious Parenting series.