Coaching programmes

Tailored programmes to suit your needs, offering valuable time to see for yourself how your habitual thinking may be keeping you feeling trapped.

You will be immersed in a deeper, and ongoing, conversation to explore what challenges you feel up against at the moment. 


This ongoing time together provides an opportunity to understand your experience of your life without self-judgement getting in the way and to see your potential to thrive; as this happens, you will insightfully drop away from painful feelings.


Outcomes from a three- or six-month package provide freedom from anxious thinking, clarity within your relationships, easier friendships, a calmer and more productive school and work life, plus the ability to see through your stressful thinking.


We keep these sessions relaxed and informal to ensure the best environment to explore what’s showing up and notice the positive impacts on your school or work and personal life.


Taking time away from work, or in the school holidays, enables the opportunity for time out, for pressures to drop away and to be able to really understand how we are experiencing our lives and how we can see our true potential.

Programme offers:

 An introduction call to get to know each other


Coaching briefing notes


>  1 or 2 days per package face to face, in Exeter or where you live in the UK (to be negotiated)


>  Online Zoom coaching sessions lasting up to 80 minutes, as required


>  The opportunity for parents/carers to join sessions, if felt right to do so

Links to videos and books, as appropriate

A free copy of Do You Want To Know A Secret? 


>  Email and phone support during the programme period



If you or your young person do not feel this package is right for you immediately after the first session, your money will be fully refunded.

If you would like more information or would like to book a consultation please contact me.