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Opportunities are offered to anyone who wishes to include time to explore clarity either within their community group, or join an online programme.

Delivering a workshop on Exploring Clarity

The sessions are very relaxed, informal and interactive within the group, provoking thought and encouraging discussion.


Usually lasting from one hour to one and a half hours, these workshops fit nicely into school non-teaching weeks, yoga retreats, local organisations and community events.


Workshops do not require people to share personal information, more to consider the challenges they see in their lives and consider them from a new potential understanding.

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Getting to the Heart of Parenting

Would you like an atmosphere at home that feels more relaxed, feels free of tension and less volatile?

Would you like to have a conversation with your child without worrying about how they’ll react or what will be said next?

Would you like to know your child is really okay even though it may seem that they are struggling and suffering?

Would you like to feel more confident in your ability to guide your child through challenging times?

Marie and Lindsey Elliott co-host this online webinar programme Getting to the Heart of Parenting twice a year. We invite you to join us to explore a less stressful view of parenting, without so much anxiety. We will look at how our minds work and how we can easily end up in a cycle of worry. When we can clearly see this for ourselves, we can break this worry cycle.

“I found the course to be incredibly useful. My daughter has been going through a difficult time and this was making me feel I was parenting badly. The course has taught me so much about how to have good relationships with teenagers. By me being aware of my own experience, I am becoming a better parent and this is really helping my day to day relationship with my daughter.”


Neil, Previous participant of Getting to the Heart of Parenting series.


Each session will include discussion, questions, an opportunity to receive ‘in-group’ coaching and guidance from us regarding our individual perceptions of what may be happening. This is a space for participants to share, or to just listen, and to receive support in their parenting.


If you would like to know about this programme, please email me here.

If you would like more information or would like to book a consultation please contact me.

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