By being aware that our thoughts don't have any actual power over us, we can chill out and remember that we already have everything we need to decide what to do next.

Marie Arymar

Do you want to know a secret by Marie Ar
Do you want to know a secret by Marie Ar

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Do You Want To Know A Secret?

By Marie Arymar


A little book with a big message and perfect for anyone aged 8 to 108. A fantastic resource for parents, schools or therapists to generate discussion or just drop away from a challenging state of mind. 


Particularly useful for schools working with Pupil Premium children or those promoting guided reading sessions.




Life can sometimes seem hard when we get caught up in our noisy thinking. We can believe that everyone else is to blame for how we feel and we might fear that we will be stuck feeling this way forever. This little book is here to remind us that, once we realise we are getting caught up in our noisy heads, we can give ourselves a little bit of space to see something rather special.

This is a book for anyone who would benefit from taking a few minutes out to drop away from their thinking and reconnect with knowing they are already okay.

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